Saving Money on Your Groceries: A Place You Had Never Thought to Look

If there was ever a season to cut back on everyday spending and save some money, it is this one.  With the holidays just around the corner, there will be plenty of things to spend money on, even money than you should be spending.

But if you are already not buying many luxuries and turning off lights when you leave a room, you might be wondering how else you could possibly save money.  You seem to be doing all that you can.

Can someone really expect you to live like a monk for the rest of your life?  It’s barely even worth it to make money if you can’t have any fun at all.

So now that you are out of conventional ideas for how to save money, you have to start thinking out of the box and looking for more creative and less obvious methods of saving money.

But before you completely abandon the box and start thinking about selling your normal sized home and buying a miniature home (which is not a bad idea, and if you don’t mind greatly downsizing, you should certainly consider), think about your grocery bill.

The Store Brand Competition

Look at what you are buying every week.  If you are buying name brands, you could be saving as much as 30% while getting the exact same food.

Recently, consumers found out that most of the time, name brand and store brand products are literally the same meaning that they are made in the same factory and with the same ingredients.  Often, only difference between something that is name brand and something store brand is the label, and it seems to be one expensive label.

Now it is true that not all of brand name foods.  But in taste tests, store brand food does just as good.

Not only are store brands traditionally less expensive than brand names, the price of brand name products is going up to combat profit losses from the recession.

Out of the Box, Out of the Country

But if you want to add a little bit social consciousness into the mix, help the community and save some money by trying a local ethnic supermarket if you have this option available to you.  Usually things like meat and produce are much cheaper at these ethnic markets.  Plus you get to see and try products that you’ve never seen before.

Takin’ it One Step Further

One more way to save even more money on things that you can’t necessarily buy at small ethnic markets or that are cheaper at chains is something called  Ebates is a relatively new program that will save you a few percentage points on purchases from many popular stores.

First you go onto the Ebates website and choose the store that you would like to shop from and then go directly to that site from the Ebates website.  Once you have made your purchases, you get a certain percentage (depending on the store) back.  Brands get extra exposure from Ebates which they get paid for, and they, in turn, return the favor to you, the customer.

There are plenty of ways to save money on your grocery bill as long as you look.  And don’t forget to shop sales and don’t let food go to waste.

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