Black Friday: Get Everything Without Getting Trampled

With Thanksgiving just a day away, Black Friday, the second most sacred holiday in November in America, comes just a day later.  So what does that mean? Leftovers?  Turkey cranberry gravy sandwiches?  The day off from work?  Yes to all of the above (hopefully), but also and maybe most importantly it means shopping!

Sure, you can shop literally any other day of the year, so you must be thinking, “what makes Black Friday so special?”  Well the reason that Black Friday is such a big deal in this country is because it is designated as THE shopping day of the year.

Black Friday is meant to signify the beginning of the holiday season shopping period with people getting ready for all of the big gift giving holidays.  And in honor of this glorious time, many stores and companies offer extremely good deals on many of their products.  So good, in fact, that people will line up in front of a store HOURS before it opens, just to get a good deal on something.

Some people may call that excessive, but others just think of it as what it takes to get a good deal.  However far you will go to get a good price on a new television, everyone can agree that they would rather pay less money than more money for a product.

So to help you get the best deal possible on anything that you are looking for, we have written you some great instructions for you to make your Black Friday the best it can be if you choose to battle the crowds and fight for purchases.

Your first stop should be, a site claiming to be the “official Black Friday site.”  Whether or not they are indeed “official,” they do indeed have very valuable and useful information for Black Friday shoppers. 

They keep track of and provide the ads that many national chains have released.  This way you will know exactly what is on sale and what the best deal will be so that you can go to that store instead of wasting your time.

Another great tool to use for this glorious holiday of consumption is Fat Wallet. is a subsection of the site dedicated to Black Friday.  They allow you to filter both by store, type of product, price range, type of deal, brand, and when it will be available.  They make it very easy to find what you are looking for and at the best price.

Now on to stores worth visiting and websites worth buying from: will forever be the king of Black Friday.  You can buy literally anything on this site and it will often be at the best price, and this year is no exception.  So Amazon is a fantastic first place to start, especially if you are looking for electronics such as televisions, digital cameras, computers, and video game consuls. also has some great deals with televisions and digital cameras discounted at least $100.  DVDs and blue-rays are also heavily discounted.  Target is also good to look at for small things, and they often have great door busters or deals for the first whatever number of people to walk through their doors.

But the truth is, you should probably check the chain stores that you go to on a regular basis.  The reason that chain stores are better to go to on Black Friday is that they usually have more in stock and are better at refilling things that have sold out than mom and pop stores are.

And if you aren’t worried about stock, you might consider skipping Black Friday and going on grey Saturday instead.  Chances are, things will be on sale then too.

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