Best Personal Finance Apps

There are plenty of reasons to initially resist technology.  It can be difficult to adapt to and might even slow you down.  Quite frankly, change can be scary and who really wants to digress from the comfortable to the foreign?

But after the adjustment period ends, it’s not uncommon to realize that quite a bit of technology actually makes our lives easier.  Sure, what have robots done for us lately other than provide entertainment in movies and make us afraid of a robot invasion?

On a smaller scale, there now exists technology to help us do practically everything.  The greatest strides may very well be in the mobile smart phone industry.  There are apps that make your phone into a remote control, a GPS, or whatever you want it to be.

One of the most helpful advancements is in the realm of personal finance.  There now exist so many personal finance apps that will document your spending and seamlessly document your everyday net worth at a moment’s notice.

But there are so many.  What is the difference and which ones are the best?

Don’t worry, we’ve done that for you.  Here are the two winners.

Mint the app or the website

Mint is probably the most famous personal finance app out there.  Not only is it free to download, it is also very helpful and easy to use.   You input your bank account information and information regarding how often and how much you get paid, and the app automatically calculates how much money you spend and on what.

The most convenient feature of this application is that it automatically updates when you use your credit or debit cards and categorizes your purchases for you.

Pageonce the app or the website

Another extremely helpful personal finance app, Pageonce is definitely competition for Mint.  Although Pageonce offers some of the same services that Mint does, there are some important differences that could make this app even more valuable than any other apps that could possibly compare.

The most important difference between Mint and Pageonce is that Pageonce allows you to use the app to pay your bills online.  This feature is a huge timesaver.  The only pitfall is that although the basic version of the app is free, only the upgraded version of the app allows you to use the bill paying feature, and the upgraded version costs money.

Personal finance apps can really help you manage your money so that you can spend (and save) it more wisely.

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