For Ladies’ Eyes Only

It used to be that men handled the finances (primarily) and women handled well, pretty much everything else. Circumstances change and it’s important for people to change along with them. In this case, we want to share the highlights of an article by Kimberly Palmer for, in which she divulges five things women should know about money.

From a simple mathematical standpoint, women are four times more likely to become widows, than men are to become widowers. It’s true at age 40 and still true at age 80. That’s why it’s important for women to learn about financing independently of their significant others. The odds are that they will have to deal with them at some point in their lives.

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How to Build Credit the Healthy Way

In the United States, the importance of having credit cannot be underestimated.  Not only is credit worth quite a bit when doing things like applying for a loan or signing a lease for an apartment, it also has many  benefits.

Ultimately, the better credit you have, the less money you pay.  Good credit means that you are capable of repaying a loan or paying for an apartment on time.  You are less of a risk to lending institutions, so they don’t need to protect themselves as much by giving you a high interest rate.  Instead, people with good credit get approved for smaller interest rates.

So how do you get this so sought after “good credit?”

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How to Choose a Credit Card

There are hundreds of different credit cards out there all with different benefits and drawbacks.  Because of all of these options, choosing the right credit card for your specific needs becomes extremely difficult, especially if you don’t know what you want or need out of a credit.

But we are here to help you make this crucial decision.

Credit cards differ in many ways, so you will have to look at each of the possible factors before you can make your decision.

Annual Rate

An annual rate is how much you pay for the credit card every year.  This charge is completely separate from any charges that you get from making purchases.  This annual rate is simply for having (not even using) the credit card. Continue reading